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High efficiency 1150 KVA Back.To-Back Converter.



  • The FEC1150 cabinet comprises all devices needed to build up a converter system
  • Pulse rectifier and inverter based on IGBT modules on water-cooled, easy-to-change power stacks
  • DC-link made of film-capacitors
  • Break chopper and break resistor
  • Controller boards linked via fast bus system (EtherCAT)
  • Grid main contactor and precharge-circuit
  • Generator-side filter (du/dt) and grid-side filter
  • Heat exchanger air-to-water for cooling of all passive parts: cabinet has IP54
  • The concept is suitable for electrical as well as permanent magnet excited synchronous generators and also valid for asynchronous generators

Main advantages

  • The main advantages can be summarised as follows.
  • Combines high power density with reasonable costs.
  • Protection class and cooling type allow offshore use.
  • All serviceable parts are easy to replace.
  • Reduced grid current harmonics.
  • New control algorithm allows managing symmetric and asymmetric voltage drops.

Technical data of the FEC1150

Electrical data
Inverter (grid side)
Rated power 920 kW  
Rated voltage 690 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz Other values on request
Rated output current 771 A  
Rated DC-link voltage 1050 V IGBTs are released
Operating DC-link voltage 1000 V...1150 V  
Maximum DC-link voltage 1400 V IGBTs are blocked
Pulse Rectifier (generator side)
Rated input power 945 kW  
Generator voltage typical 620 V, 3-phase Other values on request
Rated Frequency typical 50 Hz  
General data
Rated losses 25 kW At rated power and cos φ = 1.0
Rated efficiency 97.4 % At rated conditions
Maximum losses 429 kW At minimum voltage and cos φ = 0.9
Cooling type Water cooling  
Dimensions (H × W × T) (2005 × 1005 × 805) mm  
Weight < 1100 kg  
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