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High efficiency 1600 KVA Back.To-Back Converter.



  • The FEC1600 cabinet comprises all devices needed to build up a modular converter system.
  • Pulse rectifier and inverter based on IGBT modules on water-cooled, easy-to-change power stacks.
  • DC-link made of film-capacitors.
  • Break chopper and break resistor.
  • Controller boards linked via fast bus system (EtherCAT).
  • Generator contactor, main contactor and precharge-circuit.
  • Generator-side filter (du/dt) and grid-side filter.
  • Heat exchanger air-to-water for cooling of all passive parts: cabinet has IP54.
  • The modular concept is suitable for electrical as well as permanent magnet excited synchronous generators and offers many benefits, compared to single converter solutions. For example, in case of a device failure, power generation can go on with only a small reduction in peak power because the defective module can be completely electrically separated. Under partial load, some of the modules can be switched off in order to reduce losses and to extend their lifetime. The dimensions of a single cabinet are rather small, so the converter can be installed after the erection of the tower.

Main advantages

  • The main advantages can be summarised as follows.
  • Combines high power density with reasonable costs.
  • Protection class and cooling type allow offshore use.
  • Inherent redundancy.
  • All serviceable parts are easy to replace.
  • Reduced grid current harmonics.
  • New control algorithm allows managing symmetric and asymmetric voltage drops.

Technical data of the FEC1600

Electrical data
Inverter (grid side)
Rated power 1275 kW  
Rated voltage 690 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz Other values on request
Rated output current 1070 A  
Rated DC-link voltage 1050 V IGBTs are released
Operating DC-link voltage 1000 V...1150 V  
Maximum DC-link voltage 1400 V IGBTs are blocked
Pulse Rectifier (generator side)
Rated input power 1309 kW  
Generator voltage typical 620 V, 3-phase Other values on request
Rated Frequency typical 50 Hz  
General data
Rated losses 34 kW At rated power and cos φ = 1.0
Rated efficiency 97.4 % At rated conditions
Maximum losses 40 kW At minimum voltage and cos φ = 0.9
Cooling type Water cooling  
Dimensions (H × W × T) (2005 × 1405 × 805) mm  
Weight < 1500 kg  
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