28.4 MW

Energy storage system (ESS)

For primary balancing power

Cremzow – Germany

Installed Power 28.4 MW
Number of Inverter 11
Location Cremzow – Germany
Inverter Type

10 x APS2840-ES-4-360-1

1 x APS2600-ES-4-330-1

Application Energy Storage System
Year of commissioning 2018


The 28.4 MW battery storage is located in  Cremzow, town of Brandenburg, around 100 kilometers north of Berlin, and is intended to ensure frequency stability in the power transmission network by providing primary balancing power.

The battery storage is able to provide primary power control in real time. If the grid frequency falls due to high demand for electricity, the battery storage system delivers power from the stored energy within 30 seconds. If the frequency increases due to low electricity demand, the memory stabilizes the frequency by temporarily storing electricity.