Islandgrid / Microgrid function and Blackstart


All WSTECH Inverter´s for ESS application are available with optional island grid functionality. This function enables the inverters capability to act as the grid building device, the behavior is partly very similar to a Diesel generator with an implemented P(f) curve. Several WSTECH Inverter units can operate in parallel in the operating mode Island grid.

The island grid function can be used for complete off grid applications (Micro grid), without a public grid connection available or for example in region´s with an instable public grid to supply critical loads during an outage of the public grid.

With a special function the WSTECH Inverter can operate as the grid building device, charging the battery at the same time.

The black start function restoring a part of an electrical grid is given with the island grid option also, only the auxiliary supply must be provided externally, e.g. by an UPS

Detailed information’s for the correct inverter selection can be found in the document “Inverter selection for Island grid application”

Want to learn more? Please refer also to the technical documents in section Media.